Who We Are

 Our name reflects our music, and comes from the Irish - sean (old) & nua (new). Shanua are based in Cleveland, Ohio.


What We Do

Shanua performs...

...Shanua performs concerts, festivals and workshops, and we can perform for your wedding or special occasion.
We can also augment our standard duo performance with additional musicians (e.g., fiddle, cello, oboe), as desired.
Contact us to discuss.

Shanua composes...

...songs and instrumental works (tunes, set pieces) for one or more instruments. Shanua will compose a custom piece of music for your special occasion.
Advance order required. Contact us to discuss.

Shanua edits & arranges...

...send your music or musical idea to Shanua for professional editing and/or arranging. Shanua will custom edit and arrange your personal music in the 'Shanua style'.
Advance order required. Contact us to discuss.



About Us

Ülle plays harp, keyboard and sings.

Dermot plays guitar, flute, whistles, bodhrán and sings too!

Together, we join the chorus of nature's whistlers, warblers and tweeters (the real ones), to sing songs that have timeless charm and appeal.