Lyrics & Translations

éamon an chnoic
[Traidisiúnta Éireannach]
Cé hé sin amuigh, a bhfuil faobhar ar a guth,
Ag réabadh mo dhorais dúnta?
Mise Ĕamon a' Chnoic, atá báite fuair fliuch,
Ó shíorshúil sléibhte is gleannta.
A lao ghil s'a chuid, cad a dhéanainnse dhuit,
Mura gcuirfhinn ort binn de mo ghúna?
Is go bhfuil púdar go tiubh á shiorshéadadh leat,
Is go mbéimish ar aon múchta.

Is fada mise 'muigh faoi shneachta's faoi shioc,
‘s gan dánacht agam ar aon neach,
Mo sheisreach gan scor, is mo bhranar gan cur,
Agus gan iad agam ar aon chor.
Níl cairid agam, is danaid liom san,
A ghlachfadh mé moch ná déanach,
Is go gcaithfidh mé gabháil thar farraige soir,
Ó's ann nach bhfuil aon de mo ghaelta.
ned of the hill
[Traditional Irish]
O who is outside with an edge on his voice
Beating my bolted door?
It is Ned of the Hill, soaked and cold
From long trudging the mountains and glens.
My darling and my dear, what could I do
But cover you with my gown?
And with powder so thick firing upon you,
We should both be killed.

I am a long time outside in snow & sleet
Daringly facing all challenges.
My plow without cut & my field without seed
And neither my own anyway.
I have no friend with whom I could stay
Or who'd take me in early or late,
So I must traverse the ocean east
Where alas are none of my family.
ood põhjarannale
[Sõnad Eha Laido

Oo põhjarand, su imeilus kallas,
Su looduskätest kootud paene müür,
See tõuseb kõrgele kui õnneilma vallas,
Sääl otsib peatustippu rõhut mõttetiir!

Su järsul kaldal tõusvad iidsed lepad,
Nad mähkind endas salavõrkusid
Ning monotoonselt, nagu taoksid sepad,
Nad kõnelevad ajajärkusid.

Ju kotkapaar on siia pesa toetand,
Kus poegi varjab range kalda veer,
Ja pääsu rohelusse kodu soetand,
Kus aralt mängleb lõunatuule keer.

Need muistsed kivirünkad põhjameres,
Jäikuhkelt tõstvad oma kulu päid,
Neil kuklal katkeb laine lainte peres,
Nii uhatakse puhtaks hõbepäid.

Su uljad lained tõusvad, kaovad ruttu,
Nad aastasadu kõndind tuntud teed,
Ja kõigis ilma kaaris laulvad rõõmsat juttu,
Kuis vabalt sädelevad Eesti kaunid veed.
ode to the northern shore
[Lyrics by Eha Laido]
The northern coast of Estonia’s shore
Is woven by nature with rocks,
And rises high towards the sky.
Peace enters the mind there.

Ancient trees grow high on cliffs
For centuries they have been there
And monotonously they speak
Of the times that they have seen.

There an eagle’s family nests,
Protected by strong cliffs.
And the swallow’s home is close by,
Caressed by the gentle southern wind.

Boulders appear in the sea,
Raising their bald heads,
Wave after wave
Rinsing their silver heads.

The waves move fast up and down.
They know their ancient path,
And sing to all the world a happy story
How free are Estonia’s beautiful waters.
[Sõnad Ülle Laido; Muusika: Ülle/Dermot]
Saadan sulle mõttes lilli
mis kasvanud mu südames.
Mängin Sulle imepilli
helidega maalides.

Soovin Sulle päikse võlu
mis paneb silma särama.
Siis näed Sa ainult elu ilu
kui avad hinge värava.

Seal naeratavad sulle vastu
kõik keda sina armastad
See tuli iialgi ei kustu
kui sellest ainult unistad.

Õrnalt helisevad helid
Sinu hinges kõlagu
Mõttelille kaunid värvid
Sulle kaua õitsegu.
imagination flowers
[Lyrics by Ülle Laido; Music: Ülle/Dermot]
I send you flowers in my thoughts
That have grown in my heart
I play you a wonderful instrument
Painting with sound.

I wish for you the sun’s charm
That makes your eyes shine
Then you only see the beauty in life
When you open the gate to your soul.

There, smiling back to you
Are all the people you love
That flame will never die
As long as you dream of it.

Gently sounding sounds
Will resonate in your soul
My imagination flowers’ beautiful colors
Will bloom for you for a long time.
Trasna na dtonnta
[Traidisiúnta Éireannach]
Trasna na dtonnta, dul siar, dul siar,
Slán leis an uaigneas ‘is slán leis an gcian;
Geal é mo chroí, agus geal í an ghrian,
Geal bheith ag filleadh go hÉirinn!

Chonaic mo dhóthain de Thíortha i gcéin,
Ór agus airgead, saibhreas an tsaoil,
Éiríonn an croí ‘nam le breacadh gach lae
‘S mé druidim le dúthaigh mo mhuintir!

Ar mo thriall siar ó éirigh mo chroí
An aimsir go hálainn is tonnta deas réidh
Stiúradh go díreach go dúthaigh mo chliabh
‘S bheidh mé in Éirinn amárach!
over the waves
[Traditional Irish]
Over the waves, going west, going west!
Farewell to loneliness and to remoteness.
Bright is my heart and bright is the sun,
Bright to be returning to Ireland!

I saw my fill of countries abroad,
Gold and silver, the wealth of the world,
My heart rises in me at the break of each day,
As I draw closer to the land of my people!

Westward bound - oh my heart rose,
Weather so beautiful, waves so calm.
Steer directly to land of my bosom
And I'll be in Ireland tomorrow!
[Lyrics & Music by Dermot Somerville]
‘twas early one morning, the earth was damp with dew
And the sunlight was breaking when first I met with you,
You seemed sweeter than roses and mellower than wine,
And I knew I’d not rest until the day I’d made you mine.

And when we next met your loveliness shone like a star,
As we walked thru the park I knew we’d never be apart,
Then we kissed an everlasting kiss we never shall forget,
And from that moment forward I knew my heart was set.

As the years roll by and we grow old, our love remains as true,
We’ve seen good and bad and thru it all our dreams, both old and new,
Keep us young at heart, as from the start we hoped we’d ever be,
Like the morning sun when we first met in perfect harmony.
jõuluöö sõnum
[Sõnad Eha Laido; Muusika: Ülle Laido]
Taas taevad kootud pehmest valgest
villast ja lume sängi suikund igapuu
on tuisu ähmasesse kotti gund ennast,
üks kauge täht mis näib nii rahutu.
Ta arad kiired nagu peened
piigid embavad nüüd miljon lumehelvest hella
Eks mindki haaravad ta hõbedased niidid ja kuskilt,
kuskilt kostab jõulu kella.

Sel kaugel tähel kuulutada sõnum,
mis päästab inimkonna patu käest.
See kingituson Jumallikust väest!
Sündinud on Kristus
Sündinud on lootus
Sündinud on selgus
Sündinud on valgus

See Rõõmusõnum
Sel pühal Ööl
Jõulukella helinate reas hing
on mul tulvil õnne ootuses
kogu maailm uue elu lootuses,
et Rõõm ja Rahu inimeste seas
the message of xmas night
[Lyrics by Eha Laido; Music by Ülle Laido]
The sky is woven from soft, white wool,
And every tree sleeps in a bed of snow.
Through the blizzard’s darkness,
A restless star is seen,
Its rays like thin spears
Hugging millions of snowflakes.
And I am drawn to it with silvery threads
As I hear Christmas bells from afar.

That faraway star has a message
That will save humanity.
It is a gift from heaven.
Christ is born
Hope is born
Serenity is born
Light is born

This is a message of joy
On this holy night.
Christmas bells fill the soul with hope
That the whole world will be filled with
Joy and peace among all peoples
My lagan love
[English Lyrics by Seosamh MacCathmhaoil; Air Traditional Irish]
Where Lagan stream sings lullaby
There blows a lily fair.
The twilight gleam is in her eye,
The night is on her hair.
And like a lovesick leanan-shee,
She hath my heart in thrall,
Nor life I own nor liberty,
For love is lord of all.

And often, when the beetle's horn
hath lulled the eye to sleep,
I steal unto her shieling lorn
And through the dooring peep.
There, on the cricket's singing stone,
She stirs the bogwood fire,
And hums in sad, sweet undertone
The song of heart's desire.

Her welcome, like her love for me,
Is from the heart within.
Her warm kiss is felicity
That knows no taint nor sin.
When she was only fairy small
Her gentle mother died,
But true love keeps her memory warm
By Lagan's silver side.
silent o moyle
[Lyrics Thomas Moore; Air: “My Dear Eveleen”]
Silent O Moyle be the roar of thy water,
Break not ye breezes your chain of repose,
While murmuring mournfully,
Lir's lonely daughter tells to the nightstar her tale of woes.
When shall the swan, her death-note singing,
Sleep, with wings in darkness furled?
When shall heav'n, its sweet bell ringing,
Call my spirit from this stormy world?

Sadly, O Moyle, to thy winter wave weeping,
Fate bids me languish long ages away,
Yet still in her darkness doth Erin lie sleeping,
Still doth the pure light its dawning delay.
When will that day-start, mildly springing,
Warm our isle with peace and love?
When will heav'n, its sweet bell ringing,
Call my spirit to the fields above?
the lark in the clear air
[Traditional Irish
Dear thoughts are in my mind,
And my soul soars enchanted
As I hear the sweet lark sing
In the clear air of the day.
For a tender beaming smile
To my hope has been granted,
And tomorrow she shall hear
All my fond heart would say.

I will tell her all my love,
All my soul's adoration,
And I think she will hear me
And will not say me nay.
It is this that gives my soul
All its joyous elation,
As I hear the sweet lark sing
In the clear air of the day.
gentle maiden in the morn
[Lyrics by Dermot Somerville; Air: Traditional Irish]
The rise of the sun in the morn
Signals the dawning of the day,
When daydreams and fancies are born,
So we're encouraged to make our way.
Every morning it brings new cheer
No matter the weather be warm or cold,
And so it goes day after day
Right from the start until we grow old.

Our lovers and friends come and go
Just as the daylight it turns to night,
We treasure them while they are here
And we remember them all our life.
As we wander thru life's great maze
And gaze at the wonder each day can seem,
We pinch ourselves once in a while
And smile as we row our boat thru life's dream..
off to the races
[Lyrics and Music by Dermot Somerville]
After the dawning breaks the new morning
Hustle and bustle thru the new day,
Young and old faces, off to the races,
Hope it's a good one to brighten the way.

All thru the daytime, fun-time and playtime,
Finding yourself time in the melee,
Hope to excel, so someone can tell
Your lasting impression won't fade away.

Into the evening people go stealing
Slowly and quietly after the day,
Winners and losers, beggars and choosers,
One and the same at the end of the day.
for memory's refrain
[Lyrics and Music by Dermot Somerville]
O when will we return again?
And when will we gather together again?
And if by chance we meet again
We'll raise a glass and merry be.

For this time together is a treasure & delight,
Everything is right for a moment.
Take a picture in your mind for memory's refrain,
You can play it back again and again.

And when we part we’ll keep in mind
The joy and the happiness that we find.
We’ll hold them close in days to come,
Till fortune brings us back once again.